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We can create any custom vector art for you from scratch.  Please contact us regarding your custom project.  Design fees are separate from the cost of cutting the metal.

​During the design process, we will go over what you need and the initial concept will be created.  Concepts might vary depending on the project.  Some might be a quick napkin drawing, some might be a black and white art file and some designs may require a 3D model; whatever it is we can do it all.  Through the entire process, you will have access to proofs to make sure you are 100% happy with the concept before we do any cutting.

We can offer suggestions as well as provide you with budget friendly ideas to help bring your dream to reality.


All personalized products will be sent to the customer for approval prior to fabrication, engraving or ordering.  We pride ourselves to create good relationships with our customers and we want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the design before we build it.  The first one is on us, but if we need to go back and forth many times, this might affect the final cost. 



Here at Flatland Metalworks we love the natural effect of raw steel and rusted elements.  Even though we choose to leave the metal and wood in its natural textures we need to protect and lock in these colours using a clear coat finish.  We use a special technique for our metal and wood products, both of which end up with a beautiful coat of poly-urethane which is sure to last years to come.

There are also many signs and welded frames that we build that get painted black.  We always make sure to use one coat of black primer and then one final coat of black paint on top.

If you would rather go with colors besides black, we can do that too.  We can match any paint color you need or also powder coat at an extra charge.  We can paint your product any color as per request.

​If there is a certain color in particular that you would like, please contact us directly.


We like to leave our fire pits and wood storage rack assemblies left bare with no paint.  There is just something magical about watching mild steel rust naturally in the elements over time.  After time, there will be a solid coat of rust that naturally covers the entire metal surface.  However, if you still want your product painted we can but at an additional cost.



Most of our products use wall stand-off hardware.  We will provide you with a 1:1 paper template to make your life easier and it will show you where you need to drill into your wall.

In our larger pieces with multiple hangings, our bolt-holes or hangers are spaced approximately 16” apart to line up with the studs in your wall.

​Our artwork can be hung with standard wood or drywall screws.  Some larger metal signs may require additional drywall anchors if not being mounted to a stud in your wall.  We do not supply any screws or drywall anchors.

If you require additional mounting, mounting in a specific area, or a special type of hardware please contact us and we can work with your site conditions.



We accept cheques and eTransfers.  Make cheques payable to Flatland Metalworks and send all eTransfers to

Discounts and shipping promotions are not available for custom orders.

Please contact us through the website or any of our social media accounts if you have any questions regarding payment options.


All of our items are made to order with a general lead-time of 2-3 weeks.

​Please keep in mind that lead-times are not definite and may change during sales or seasonal holidays. If you are unsure of when you might receive you order or wish to expedite it, please contact us directly at our e-mail



All sales are final, however if there is a product defect (ex. issues with paint or clear coat finishes, or deformities in the metal) we will be happy to correct these issues for you. Please be aware that return shipping costs are not covered by Flatland Metalworks at this time. Please contact our e-mail to receive an estimated shipping quote for return if you are unsure.

​If your order arrives damaged, please submit a photo of the damage with your request within 48 hours of receiving the shipment. If you do not report the damage to us within this 48 hour period, we may not be able to honour your claim.

​We are not responsible if a package is marked as delivered, but it is stolen or you are unable to locate it.

​We are not responsible for personal damages to an item. All items are personally checked over by our shipping team and we pride ourselves on our items that are created with quality.

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